About Us

Gammon grew up in Venezuela where she spent most of her childhood riding jumpers with an amazing partner, her Grand Prix jumper "Tex". She moved to Virginia for college and was introduced to the wonderful world of eventing and got hooked! She has successfully ridden several horses to Preliminary level, completing her first CCI* in 2005 since then her wonderful partner "Doug" has retired and she is riding a wonderful string of up and coming young event horses, including "Jessie" who is currently competing at Intermediate with the goal of competing at a CCI** in the fall of 2014 and possibly even tackling her first Advanced HT in the fall.

Gammon currently instructs the Virginia Military Institute Eventing team as well as her regular students thru Preliminary level. She is also the Volunteer Coordinator for The Virginia Horse Trials.

Most recently Gammon has earned her "r" Eventing TD License as well as her "r" Eventing Dressage Judge's License.


Tori Nuckols, Gammon's daughter and prelim level rider, has recently joined the team at GC Equestrian, under her own name of "Dragonfly Eventing". Tori helps with the coaching of the VMI team, teaches younger children and trains horses on the farm as well. Tori and her beautiful partner "Dragonfly" hope to get fit and go prelim this year with the hopes of tackling a CCI* in the fall! Tori's new partner :CCS Boromir", just now coming 5 year old Knabstrupper who has just begun his eventing career this winter, are aiming for the Novice 3 Day, possibly a couple of training level events this year.


Emily Kolokowsky is our amazing manager. She and her super mount and partner "Larry" joined us last fall and are an amazing addition to our team! Emily is an accomplished equestrian and a great instructor. In addition to keeping the barn in order and the horses happy she also assists in coaching the VMI team and teaches younger riders as well. Emily and Larry are also aiming for the Novice 3 day this year and possibly a few events at training level.



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